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Why Collaborative Divorce Can Be Better Than Traditional Divorce

Ending a marital relationship is rarely a pleasant experience. Many people envision a divorce as one of the worst things they could be forced to endure. Splitting up property, agreeing to child custody and other aspects of ending a marriage can be traumatic. However, there is a simpler way. Collaborative Divorce can settle family legal issues such as divorce without the need to go to court. Here is an explanation of what collaboration is and how it can be better than a traditional divorce.

Collaboration Is Not Mediation

Collaboration and mediation are often thought to mean the same thing in divorce. They are not. Mediation is an attempt to reach a settlement agreement prior to a divorce going to trial. This tactic may prove successful, but the cases must go in front of a judge for final ruling. You are not able to attain a divorce through mediation.

When electing to use collaborative Divorce, couples who have decided to end a marriage can do so without the need for litigation. Collaborative Divorce is a voluntary process that provides a venue to reach an amiable settlement. This method involves a binding contract that both parties consent to as a way to avoid a time-consuming and costly divorce.

Collaborative Divorce Advantages

The thought of a divorce hearing can create an unparalleled level of anxiousness. Collaborative Divorce by its nature is designed to reduce the level of anxiety surrounding a divorce. There are three basic reasons why using collaboration may be right for your situation.

Informal and Relaxed Setting

One of the most appealing aspects of collaborative Divorce is that it can avoid the necessity of going to a courtroom. While there may be a number of meetings between both parties and their legal representation, each meeting can take place in an informal, relaxed environment. By avoiding the stressful litigation process, collaborative Divorce spares families the inherent pressure of courtroom divorce.

Help From Outside Professionals

Unlike an official divorce proceeding, collaborative Divorce allows outside professionals to help with the process. They do not have to be called to testify. Each will be asked to attend a joint session to offer insightful recommendations.
Accountants, family counselors and real estate experts are just a few of the possibilities. The professional advice of these individuals will be committed to helping you settle your divorce without going to court.

Time and Money

When you consent to using collaborative Divorce to settle your divorce, the legal paperwork is dramatically reduced. While there will be a number of joint sessions to promote a mutually satisfactory outcome, the need for official court documents are not required.

Removing this aspect of a divorce will automatically translate into a reduction in time and money. While dependable data on the actual cost of a traditional divorce can be difficult to pinpoint, most estimates project the cost to be between $15,000 and $30,000.

Many of the costs involved in a divorce are from the need to prepare for a difficult litigation. The collaborative route can save each couple 50 percent or more. Sometimes saving this amount of money can be such a financial relief that it makes reaching a consensual agreement even easier.

If you feel collaborative Divorce may be useful in your situation, be certain to discuss the complete process with an attorney knowledgeable in such proceedings. Both couples must agree to the process and an attorney must represent each party.
Each party must also commit fully to the collaborative process for it to be a success. Expert counsel is a critical component of this process. When collaborative Divorce works properly, it can take the messiness out of a divorce. Both parties will walk away from the relationship feeling comfortable with the result.

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