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Privacy During Your Divorce

Door with "privacy please" sign

A Divorce can be a very public event.

The courtroom is a public forum, which means that hearings and trials are open to the public, so anyone can come in and watch.

For some, particularly those of a high net worth, privacy matters because they do not want people knowing their income level. For others, the family may have dirty laundry of a more personal nature, which they prefer not to have publicized.

Business executives do not want competitors and sometimes even friends or family to know details about their business or profession. Even though the contents of court files are now supposed to kept more private by court staff, there is always a danger that those documents or their contents will make their way into the public eye. Publicity can become a coercive weapon.

Almost everyone has an interest in keeping some information out of the public eye.

Details about personal lives, habits, health or relationships should not to be for publication.

Protecting privacy is one of the most important advantages of a Collaborative Divorce. In the Collaborative Divorce Process, there is an agreement at the beginning of the case that the discussions and information in the case are confidential–everything remains between the participants in the process. When the financial data is collected and reviewed, when the parties are considering options for dividing their property and liabilities, or when personal matters are being discussed those discussions take place in a conference room behind closed doors—NOT in an open courtroom with an audience made up of members of the community.

The only time anyone appears in court in a Collaborative Divorce case is to present the signed Agreed Final Decree for the judge’s approval and signature in a short hearing that usually takes less than five minutes. For those clients for whom privacy is a goal, the Collaborative Divorce Process is the best process (and really the ONLY divorce process) to enable them to divorce and assure their privacy.

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