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Attorney Tracey Justice is experienced and is specially trained to practice Collaborative Divorce. While traditional litigation is always an option, at Justice Law Firm, divorcing clients may choose to resolve their legal disputes through the Collaborative Divorce Method.

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An Alternative to Traditional Divorce

Collaborative Divorce has become a viable alternative to traditional divorce litigation around the country. Many Texas attorneys are now using it in their family law practices, not only for divorce but for other family law disputes.

In Collaborative Divorce, the parties resolve their differences outside the courtroom in a private and less adversarial setting with the help of specially-trained professionals. This process acknowledges the emotional needs and goals of each spouse. Instead of having to follow a timetable dictated by the court, the parties have the opportunity to schedule meeting times.

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

The thought of a divorce hearing can create an unparalleled level of anxiousness. Collaborative Divorce by its nature is designed to reduce the level of anxiety surrounding a divorce. There are three basic reasons why using collaboration may be right for your situation.

  • Informal and Relaxed Setting: with a collaborative divorce, you can avoid the necessity of going to a courtroom.
  • Help From Outside Professionals: collaborative divorce allows outside professionals to help with the process. Instead of being called to testify, each will be asked to attend a joint session to offer insightful recommendations.
  • Time and Money: When you consent to using collaborative divorce to settle your divorce, the legal paperwork is dramatically reduced, which translates into a reduction in time and money.

Furthermore, the divorcing parties will reach an agreement that is tailored to meet their own needs instead of being forced to accept a one-size-fits-all solution that may be unsatisfactory to everyone involved. Contact us to learn more.

Collaborative Divorce vs. Mediation

Many people confuse Mediation with Collaborative Divorce. Mediation is simply a tool that is used during the litigation process in an attempt to settle the case prior to the final trial. With both attorneys present, the professional mediator tries to facilitate a binding agreement between the parties and is often successful. However, the parties are not able to “achieve a divorce” simply by going to mediation.

In Collaborative Divorce, a team of specially-trained professionals handle all aspects of the divorce, from beginning to end. Financial experts, mental health professionals, and attorneys combine their efforts and expertise in order to provide individualized attention and specialized care.

Tailored Legal Services

At Justice Law Firm, we know that Collaborative Divorce may not be right for everyone who needs to resolve a family law dispute, so we offer levels of traditional litigation as well as Collaborative Divorce. In fact, only a fraction of our divorces are currently done using this method.

The parties in a Collaborative Divorce typically spend less money, experience less trauma in the process and are better able to interact and co-parent their children after the divorce than high-conflict litigants. To be successful in the Collaborative process, both spouses must totally commit to the process, and each should hire his or her own attorney who has been trained and is experienced in Collaborative Divorce.

It is certainly something to consider, and for those interested in this process, during our consultation, we will provide an information packet that includes names and phone numbers of other collaboratively-trained attorneys for the divorcing spouse to consider.

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