The divorce is so hard on my children- should they see a therapist?

Child with ripped paper and a parent on each piece

A divorce can be very difficult on children (adults, too!)

Depending on the age of the child, he or she may have difficulty processing and explaining the various emotions they are undoubtedly experiencing. An experienced mental health professional can be an enormous help to your child.

If you already have court orders in place – whether temporary orders or a final order- be sure to consult your court order to find out if you have been awarded the right to consent to psychiatric or psychological treatment for your child. Sometimes, only one parent is granted this right exclusively. Sometimes, each parent has this right independently but must confer with the other parent (in this case, you court order might have language that states that this right is “subject to consultation with the other parent”). You might also have language in your court order that specifies that you must have the agreement of the other parent before commencing psychiatric or psychological treatment. Remember, to always read your court order.

If your child is in therapy, please be aware that your child’s therapist is prohibited from offering an expert opinion or recommendation in court relating to conservatorship or possession or access to a child. Expert opinions and recommendations must be conducted by a qualified child custody evaluator. Tex. Fam. Code 104.008. If you feel like you need a child custody evaluator, or you’d like more information on what this type of evaluation entails, please consult an experienced family law attorney. The attorneys at Justice Law Firm, PC are very well versed in this area and would be happy to consult with you if you have questions regarding this process.

Having a neutral, or “safe”, outlet to express feelings can be imperative to the emotional well-being of the child.​

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