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Help! I'm Divorcing a Psycho!


How Different Mental Disorders Can Impact the Divorce Process

Many times we hear that a person’s spouse is a narcissist, psychopath, sociopath, etc. As lawyers, we certainly cannot assess or diagnose your spouse to determine if they have any mental disorders, but we do have resources available to assist you from disengaging from difficult people throughout the legal process.

If litigation is pending, the court has the authority to order a psychological evaluation of your spouse or the other parent.

Your attorney will thoroughly review your description of observed behaviors and interactions with the other person to determine the likelihood of success for requesting a court ordered psychological evaluation. Sometimes, unfortunately, you might just be dealing with an extremely selfish and self-centered person, who is determined to be difficult at your expense. Other times, however, the behaviors can be so egregious that you may receive legal advice to pursue this request with the court.

Bear in mind that a full psychological examination takes time and can be quite expensive. After consulting with your attorney, you may learn that there might be other options worth pursuing. Other options might include a request for an amicus attorney to be appointed for the child (this person would represent the best interests of the child) who would be able to advocate, for example, supervised or limited contact with the other parent due to harmful behaviors. Another option might include requesting that a parenting facilitator be appointed to assist in resolving issues that have a negative impact on the child.

The attorneys at Justice Law Firm have experience with dealing with difficult people and difficult situations. Our attorneys would be happy to meet with you to review your concerns and develop a game plan for your particular situation.