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Do I need a "Divorce Plan"?

Divorce Plan

Should you have a divorce plan just in case?

While not many people plan for a marriage to end in divorce, there might come a time where you feel the need to be prepared in case you end up as a party to a dissolution of marriage proceeding.

Preparation is key!

For example, we see a lot of clients who have allowed his or her spouse to solely control the finances – while this is common, what you don’t know can hurt you (or at least cost you more time and attorney’s fees!).

If you haven’t been in control of or aware of your financial situation, we suggest that you start now. We suggest that you begin to gather information “just in case”. Ideally, you’ll want to keep a detailed list of the following items in a secure place (and update the information from time to time!)

  1. All banking or other financial institution names, account numbers, and approximate balances;
  2. List of all insurance policies;
  3. List of all tax records and tax returns;
  4. List of all credit card account numbers and names of creditors;
  5. Copies of personal earnings and benefits statements for you and your spouse (;
  6. Documentation from any retirement plans;
  7. List of all real estate or other real property owned;
  8. Certificates of title or lien information for motor vehicles or boats; and
  9. A copy of your credit report (you should obtain a copy and review at least annually!).

If you don’t understand a document or have a question – ASK! It never hurts to ask questions and educate yourself. It’s the smart thing to do. Whether you have questions about property division or parenting plans, the attorneys at Justice Law Firm, PC would be happy to meet with you to discuss your particular situation. We can help you devise a “what if” plan that will make you feel more secure in case you find yourself in a divorce (or custody) proceeding.

Let an experienced, Southlake Divorce Lawyer help you through your divorce or family law matter.

The Justice Law Firm in Southlake, Texas is dedicated to helping individuals in Southlake and the surrounding areas with Divorce and Family Law issues. At the Justice Law Firm, you will find experienced and professional divorce attorneys.